Safe Placement Of Heavy Or Full Dumpsters

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The disposal of construction and remodeling debris has to be done carefully to prevent the trash from polluting the surrounding area. Even if the only real threat is litter (as opposed to anything toxic leaking), you don't want to be that neighbor whose home remodeling project got out of hand and made the neighborhood look bad. Renting a dumpster is a sane choice as you get a huge space into which you can throw all trash and debris. However, the dumpster can be heavy -- it is mostly metal -- and when full of old carpet, drywall, and other goodies, it can put a lot of pressure on the ground. You need to work out a plan for safely placing the dumpster by considering the weight it can carry.

What Weight Can Your Property Handle?

The weight of the dumpster is a concern because excessive weight leads to excessive pressure and that leads to cracked cement and asphalt if the weight is too much for those surfaces. Yes, that driveway can handle a heavy pickup truck or SUV — but a dumpster filled with broken concrete could end up weighing more, leading to surface damage.

If the dumpster is placed on a lawn, the pressure can ruin the landscaping. Even the street isn't safe if too much heavy debris will sit in the dumpster. The risk isn't that the street will crack — streets are much tougher than that — but that the surface of the asphalt could be damaged, leading to potholes the next time it rains. You have to find an area that won't be damaged while also figuring out what size of dumpster will be acceptable. You need to contain all the debris, but the bigger the dumpster, the heavier it will be even when empty.

Should You Split the Dumpster Size?

One solution is to rent two small dumpsters instead of one larger dumpster. Spreading out the weight could solve the problem, depending on how much you'll have to place in the dumpster.

One other option is to arrange for the dumpster company to pick up the loaded dumpster more often. By ensuring the dumpster doesn't get too full, you reduce the weight that sits in that spot on your property at any one time. So, while that doesn't split the size and weight, it does break the loads up in a different way.

Call a dumpster rental company to discuss where dumpsters can be placed without damaging the surface below them. You're not the first homeowner to rent them, so you know there is a solution that fits your situation perfectly.

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